Welcome to Lecverse

Community generated maps, with towns/cities, dungeons, caves, evil places, etc…


Free fly ability


Non-linear / Open gameplay: You can go just about anywhere at any skill level (and get your ass handed to me).

Random encounters during travels.

Organic Character skills / stats progression through play style.

Active cities, with shops and quests. Need to return to the cities / towns regularly to replenish supplies, repair / upgrade equipment, etc..

Randomized stats/affixes on items. Item Level scaled to monster level.

Predictable drops from certain types of monsters. Humans have clothing / armor / gold; slimes might have only glass items, etc.

Some form of crafting.

Interesting magic.

Clearable areas: once an infested area is cleared (quest or not), they remain cleared unless some event occurs.

Good graphics with good performance.

Real time gameplay.

Multiplayer / online components.

The decentralized world set to further augment the landscape of the internet. Lecverse utilizes web3 to lead an interoperable, dystopian 2.5D metaverse that will give utility to popular NFTs.

This is the place where NFTs can combine to create complex systems. The idea of Lecverse is rather novel and stands apart from other project types for this reason. Read more below …

Lecverse is a massively multiplayer singularly sharded procedurally generated open world economy roleplaying game that operates with decentralized NFTs instead of regular in-game items. These are deployed by crypto-native game developers, artists, coders and marketers. One iteration has already been deployed by the team, which already released night mode functionality among other things.

What makes Lecverse special?

We are building a template for mini metaverses inside Lecverse, with community at the core. To do so, we are incorporating many NFT projects into our platform to give communities the tools to create space in Lecverse for what they want them to be.


We recently created the 2.5D game ‘Ready Player One’, which doesn’t require 3D rendering by default, and uses similar-looking assets to make it more visually appealing. Avatar project integration is a mutually beneficial move. It creates a valuable utility in each project and in the community as a whole.

Avatars & Pets

Lecverse is based on the ability for players to use profile pictures and avatar NFTs from any pixelart project on OpenSea or Binance NFT Marketplace. When we talk about avatars, we define them as external avatars (e.g. CyberKongz and CryptoPunks), native avatars (naked characters) and our own NFT based avatars.


We are committed to making virtual NFT pets work in this metaverse, too. They follow players around the game world and are visible to other players. Soon, you will be able to train both pets and avatars which will then help you gain new abilities

0xGrief Prevented Land sale

In an effort to make the immersive experience of owning a living space in a video game come closer to reality, we will be letting a certain amount of early users to walk around the game and buy lands with 1 click during private beta.

Tokens can be used to purchase land, extend land or buy limited plots right inside of the spawn. There are a variety of neighborhoods and biomes available in different sizes and price ranges, so everyone can find what they’re looking for. Register today to receive your exclusive invitation via email!

Multichain and Off-chain Compatible

The first version, 1.0 is going to be simple and able to host and display NFTs from Binance Smart Chain NFT martketplace and other BSC based NFT marketplaces (Airnfts, Openbisea, etc…)


Lecverse is designed to be forward compatible, therefore the next steps would be multi-chain, multi-resource and evolves over time and can be traded and transferred inside the platform itself.