Key Team Members

Founder: Viet York (Viet Nguyen)

Founder: Viet York

Viet is a game server owner, hacker, cloud computing and cybersecurity expert who created one of the most popular Minecraft game servers (WaffleMinecraft, that reached 1000 concurrent players in 2012) in the earliest days of Minecraft, way back in 2012. He has won numerous awards for his massively multiplayer single mesh universe technology, with his works exhibited by Google IO, FE International and Redwoof Bark.

Tom has performed on America’s Got Talent, and has given a Google I/O Extended talks on Cloud Computing and Massively Multiplayer Online Open World. He’s been featured in Molly Holzschlag, the godmother of the internet, book about Web 2.0.

Portfolio: Viet on Instagram


Twitter: @VietYork


, also known in the Vietnamese community as “Alon” is an experienced tech entrepreneur, gifted child in math, technology and all around science, and was recognized for his work with AI and blockchain in the earliest days. Anh Vo has lead several technology startups as CEO, CTO, and has built various Web3 platforms and terrabyte-scale data processing platforms. He also has a game development hobby.


Lead Community: Norris

Norris is the cofounder of , a series A venture funded company, with notable backers such as Andresen Horowitz. He previously worked on the art of the video game River City Girls (by WayForward), and his game art has been licensed for use in several other video games. Gutty has been featured in the book The Masters of Pixel Art.